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Surveying & Mapping

Architectural Construction & Real Estate

Facilities, Insurers & Loss Adjustors

Our Services

  • Topographical surveys
  • Stockpile quantification
  • Orthomosaic outputs
  • Aerial site photos
  • 3D Revit Models
  • Progress reporting
  • Marketing 3D imagery & video
  • Schedule of condition surveys
  • Site monitoring
  • Point cloud outputs
  • Measured building surveys
  • 360 degree panoramic photos
  • Lazer scanning
  • Internal condition survey & dilapidations
  • Full Analysis & Reporting
  • Evidential data capture
  • Roof surveys
  • Boundary & Party wall dispute data
  • CAD design services

Drone Pro Services

Whether you are a potential client seeking a drone related service or a CAA qualified pilot looking to broaden your customer base, we at Drone Pro Services harmonise those B2B relations by matchmaking from within the industry.

Our growing database of nationwide specialist drone ops covering all industry sectors can provide you with anything from real estate imagery & roof inspections to thermal imaging & 3D mapping.

Matching Client to Pilot

At Drone Pro Services our sales & marketing experts enable us to match the clients requirement with the right pilots creating synergy in the B2B process, ensuring the highest levels of both services provided & client fulfilment. Drone Pro Services continue to negotiate and win new contracts with multi-national companies and government authorities which is proving invaluable to our fleet of independent pilots allowing them the freedom to………..fly drones and capture data.

Customer Satisfaction

Drone Pro Services will save you time and money by delivering actionable data that will improve your workflows. We focus on your particular needs and deliver accordingly with less disruption to your working day.

Big Data, Better Data

Join us and we will bring to your company the latest technological advances in data capture. We will deliver high quality richer data to you faster and more complete than traditional methods. Complete data means you can visit the software in the comfort of your office rather than visiting site.

The results of this service is proving to deliver 100% client & pilot satisfaction.

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